This is Hultsfredshemester!
Tour operators, the municipality and residents together create "Hultsfredshemester".
You as a resident have a chance to win over
1000 nights in hotels, hostels, camping and in a cottage for you or to give away to loved ones!

Experience beautiful Hultsfred municipality at home, at your Hultsfred home and shop with ❤️
- have a gofika or a bite to eat at one of the municipality's restaurants and cafés.

Take care of each other and homestead with distance and consideration.

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Compete for over 1000 nights in a hotel,
hostel, camping site
and in the cottage!

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Do not miss anything that is going on in Hultsfred municipality.

Tip walk at Hotel Dacke

Hotel Dacke New Square, Virserum

Tip walk the new square at Hotell Dacke Virserum. Bring your own coffee basket and pen! Info Inger 073-802 69 13


Language walk

Hultsfred's library Västra Långgatan 46, Hultsfred

Walk in Hultsfred and speak Swedish! Wednesdays 13.00-14.30 1 September Statues outside Lindblomsskolan 15 September Gamla bibliotek 29 September Musikparken i centrum 13 October Arabian shops 27 October Hultsfreds


Boule with PRO

Boulehallen Norra oskarsgatan 107, Hultsfred

We play boules in the boules hall on Oskarsgatan in Hultsfred, Everyone welcome! Bring your own coffee basket. Contact person: Bengt Nilsson 070-935 02 56


Hang on the bible

Hultsfred's library Västra Långgatan 46, Hultsfred

Workshop for children between 6-12 years. Pre-registration required, contact the library If you have any questions, just get in touch! biblioteket@hultsfred.se, 0495-240088


Bio Hultsfred - Wedding, funeral and baptism

Valhalla Stora Torget 2, Hultsfred

IN WEDDING, FUNERAL AND BAPTISM - THE FILM we follow the families Öhrn and Seger and take us through autumn and winter on our way to Christmas celebrations and to a New Year's Eve that

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Exciting museum, family-friendly activities, interesting sights and a fantastic nature. Discover the whole of Hultsfred!

  • About six kilometers southeast of Vena is this nice swimming area with nice green areas for activities. There are also changing rooms, barbecue area, drydass, swings and

  • Hultsfred Church, the municipality's largest town, actually has the youngest church. Plans to build a church in Hultsfred had existed for some time and in 1921 were made

  • Melsjön is a small shallow lake and the water is an extension of Gårdvedaån. It is located north of Lake Flaten west of Målilla and

  • A real magical forest with old pines standing around boulders, lined with lichens. Björnnäset's nature reserve is located on a nose in Lake Åkebos. The reserve is located

  • The trail starts at Kalvkätte garden, which is a very nice facility at the exit from highway 23 towards Hultsfred center. Put the car on

  • Virserumssjön is a deep and nutrient-poor lake that is adjacent to Virserum's community. The lake and the countryside are beautiful and have a lot to offer tourists around sport fishing,

  • In the middle of the forests of Småland is the small community Virserum with the large art gallery. With an exhibition area of ​​1600 sqm, contemporary art is shown in exhibitions

  • Hammarsjön's sauna & hot tub. If you want to experience something special, you should try Hammarsjön's nature SPA with sauna and hot tub. Here it's wood burning and

  • … ..Wherever I paint and draw in reality wherever I am. Annika was born and raised in Vagnhärad, Södermanland and for almost 30 years


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Sights & activities

Marvel at historical environments, arts & crafts, wildlife, beautiful nature and much more. There are plenty of activities and attractions here, many of which are open all year round!

  • Experience the feeling of riding the classic orange-yellow rail buses that breathe 50s between Virserum and Åseda. Enjoy the nostalgia environments and have a coffee with seven

  • IMG 20200627 110325 scaled a family cycling dressage

    Cycle dressage on the narrow track Virserum to Åseda. Around Virserum's station there is a nostalgia environment that offers a journey back in time. Dressing delivery in the ticket window, pre-booking

  • The store is adjacent to Hotel Dacke in Virserum. Local and regional products. Crafts, crafts, shape and design. Wood, textiles, ceramics, wool, glass and much more

  • Globe granite is a rock that has solidified at great depth and which has then come to the surface at folds in the earth's crust. Smooth moss is the only place

  • Disc golf (in Sweden also called frisbee golf) is a sport that is played with a disc (frisbee). The goal is to play a course from start to finish

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Eat & drink

A fine dinner to celebrate, a lunch in town or a nice evening with friends. Here is something for all tastes and occasions.

  • Emåbaren is a restaurant and pizzeria. Homemade home-cooked food is served here for lunch between 1100-1400. As an alternative to today's dish, there is pizza, salads or kebabs.

  • This cozy, family-run hotel is only 50 meters from Hultsfred Train Station in Småland. From the hotel you have a view of the nearby Lake Hulingen. All of them individually

  • South of Virserum are the facilities Dackestupet and Friluftscafé - Dackestupet. In winter a ski resort and other times a facility for mountain biking, MTB and hiking. The top cabin opens

  • If you need something fast, Sibylla is a well-known fast food chain. Sibylla offer everything from the Swedish classic "a cooked with bread" (ie a cooked sausage

  • Along Vetlandavägen in Målilla is the Bandy Grill. Here you can choose between burgers, sausages, meatballs, kebabs, chicken. During the summer there is also a small outdoor terrace.

  • At the farm Räven & Osten, Lida outside Järnforsen, cheese is made in a craft and small-scale way. The milk comes from a local farmer. Adjacent to the dairy

  • Kungen Restaurang is centrally located in Hultsfred between Tor's plan and Köpingsparken. The King Restaurant offers pizzas, burgers, fish and chips and salads. Unique is that man

  • Målilla Hotell is a small hotel with a restaurant. It serves the day's lunch, a la carte, pizza and salads. The restaurant has full rights. There are 40


It does not matter if you have your sights set on a romantic weekend, a family holiday or a conference - there are accommodation types to suit every occasion.

  • Overnight cabins with room for four people. Small cabins of 10 square meters which are perfect for overnight stays. The cottages are located in a fenced area behind the facility. One

  • Beautifully located in the nature and fisheries conservation area Stora Hammarsjön Just outside Hultsfred is Stora Hammarsjön's nature and fisheries conservation area. At Stora Hammarsjön, about 10 km, there is one

  • Målilla Hotell is a small hotel with a restaurant. It serves the day's lunch, a la carte, pizza and salads. The restaurant has full rights. There are 40

  • Here you live with a beautiful view of Lake Hulingen! You are close to the beach, facilities and cafe. A two kilometer long walk along the promenade takes

  • To the north of Målilla is nature camping at Hesjön. Here you will find pitches for caravans and motorhomes, as well as a separate tent site. Gym. From the parking lot there is a customized road down

  • Family cottage with lake views in a beautiful natural area. About 10 km west of Hultsfred is the nature and fisheries conservation area Stora Hammarsjöområdet. An area with a wilderness character that invites