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  • Lysegöl is a round-shaped pond located in the Småland forest landscape. Gölen is located south of Virserum right next to road 23. The water is signposted

  • The second stretch of Emån. This part extends from Klövdala by Järnforsen to Ryningsnäs. The river is surrounded by forest and pasture. The river is varied in

  • Mörlunda church is very beautiful with the long side towards Emådalen. The current church was completed in 1840, but as early as 1329 there was probably a church on the same site.

  • Astrid Lindgren's first book about Emil in Lönneberga with Björn Berg's drawings was published in 1963 and was quickly loved by everyone. Emil and his joke are

  • Hultsfreds Bowlinghall has a total of 8 courses adapted for both entertainment and competition games. For children there are fences so-called. bumpers to fold up on the sides of the track for

  • Ånglegöl is located between Målilla and Virserum, next to road 23. The lake is one of the good examples of how to create an attractive

  • Emilleden is best started from Lönneberga hembygdsgård or Mariannelunds and Hessleby hemgårdsgård, where there are plenty of parking opportunities. You choose again

  • Hesjön is one of about 20 lakes that are part of Stora Hammarsjön's FVO. The area is leased and managed by SFK Kroken in Hultsfred. IN

  • At Hesjön's bathing area there is an outdoor pool, disabled toilet, changing room. Barbecue area, swimming area with jetties and jumping tower and beach volleyball court. From the car park there is an adapted path down to the swimming area


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Marvel at historical environments, arts & crafts, wildlife, beautiful nature and much more. There are plenty of activities and attractions here, many of which are open all year round!

  • Stensjön is a beautiful and peaceful lake located a little far away about 10 km southwest of Hultsfred. It is part of Stora Hammarsjön's FVO

  • In Kraskögle, the forest has been left untouched for generations. The terrain is a trace of the melting of the ice sheet. Natural forests of this type and size are unusual in it

  • Moose, rabbits, goats and chickens live at Målilla Älgpark. To make it possible to experience the moose up close, there is once a fence with

  • Ånglegöl is located between Målilla and Virserum, next to road 23. The lake is one of the good examples of how to create an attractive

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A fine dinner to celebrate, a lunch in town or a nice evening with friends. Here is something for all tastes and occasions.

  • If you need something fast, Sibylla is a well-known fast food chain. Sibylla offer everything from the Swedish classic "a cooked with bread" (ie a cooked sausage with

  • Located in central Hultsfred, you will find Pizzeria Milano, with both pick-up and drop-off. In addition, home delivery is offered at extra cost. It is served here

  • At the farm Räven & Osten, Lida outside Järnforsen, cheese is made in a craft and small-scale way. The milk comes from a local farmer. Adjacent to the dairy is available

  • Pizzeria located centrally in Målilla. In addition to pizza, kebabs and salads are also on the menu. Both to order and bring or sit in

  • Pizzeria in Hultsfred, which is located at the Knekten shopping area. Among other things, pizza, kebabs, gyros, salad and hamburgers are served here. It offers very good pizzas, friendly staff

  • The farm shop is an interesting excursion destination for those who want to buy products of the highest quality. During the strawberry season, you can go and pick your own strawberries. In the store

  • Hotell Dacke is the family hotel centrally located in Virserum. Adjacent to the hotel is a large car park. Proximity to both forest and lake. The hotel's restaurant

  • South of Virserum are the facilities Dackestupet and Friluftscafé - Dackestupet. In winter a ski resort and other times a facility for mountain biking, MTB and hiking. In the top cottage


It does not matter if you have your sights set on a romantic weekend, a family holiday or a conference - there are accommodation types to suit every occasion.

  • Ställplats Klippan is adjacent to Virserum's cottage village. Close to swimming, hiking and cycling trails. No facilities. There is room for about 5 mobile homes here. On site

  • Overnight cabins with space for four people. Small, simple cottages of 10 square meters that are perfect for overnight stays. The cottages are located in a fenced area behind the facility.

  • North of Målilla is Hesjön's nature camping. There are pitches for caravans and mobile homes, as well as a separate tent pitch. Handicapped parking. Hesjön's nature camping is drop-in and does not go

  • Stenkulla is a family cottage with lake views in a beautiful natural area. About 10 km west of Hultsfred is the nature and fisheries conservation area Stora Hammarsjöområdet. An area with a wilderness character

  • Just outside central Målilla is Villa Karllösa. The inn is located in the middle of nature in a fabulous forest area. It offers comfortable rooms and modern, newly renovated

  • Beautifully located in the Stora Hammarsjön nature and fisheries conservation area. Stora Hammarsjön's nature camping is drop-in and cannot be booked. Just outside Hultsfred is Stora Hammarsjön's nature