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The nature reserve of the Alkär
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Cycle dressage on the narrow track Virserum to Åseda.

Around Virserum's station there is a nostalgia environment that offers a journey back in time. Dressing delivery in the ticket window, pre-booking but also drop-in subject to available dressings at.

From Virserum you can cycle all the way to Åseda, a distance of 29 km. You decide how long you want to cycle.

If you cycle half a day (4 hours), you will have time to cycle to the village of Triabo in peace and quiet. There is a picnic area with swings, benches and barbecue facilities. Virserum-Triabo is 32 km round trip. You cycle through nature reserves, past the idyll Hjortöström and along glittering lakes. In one place, the railway goes on a bank straight through the lake!

In Hjortöström and Aggatorp there are benches and tables for breaks and there are both sandy beach and cliffs on the route. In the ticket booth in Virserum there are chilled drinks and sweets as well as books and films for the railway and history enthusiast, ICA Nära is next door to the station, where everything is for the picnic.



3/5 4 months ago

A compliment to the association that does a cultural deed and offers a memorable experience in the footsteps of history. But consider using earmuffs / earplugs as the dressings sound a lot. This they should inform about.

1/5 4 months ago

+ Nice nature, fun experience. - uninvolved staff Virserum on return, - unpleasant staff in Åseda where we were driven off the track before we barely stopped when we were away one for their customers according to the aunt there. Boring experience due to very unengared / unpleasant staff.

5/5 2 months ago

Cool! Recommend!

4/5 6 months ago

Very nice Good guidance

5/5 a year ago

Very nice trip! Cycled from Åseda to Virserum, down to Virserum up back! Now there is a Strava segment as well 😊 Is not hard to beat!


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