Dackestupet - Trail cycling and mountain biking

The nature reserve of the Alkär

Cycling in Dackestupet is an adventure for the whole family. Well-marked trails, good surrounding service and fast-paced experiences attract cycling experiences.

The trails start at the top of Dackestupet's slalom hill and this is also where you will find parking, a technology park, fireplaces and other facilities.

Dackesvängen, Red 3,3 km
This is the easier of the two joints at Dackestupet, the cycling club's juniors run it from the age of 10, but don't let that fool you ... It is tougher than you might think and makes good use of the slalom slope's altimeter where you can do something difficult or challenging them.

Farmer Uprising, Black 3,2 km

Do you like challenges ?! In this loop you get a wonderful trip down the ski slope. You get through built obstacles such as pumps, velodrome, log stairs & drip. The loop varies between compliant & lovely parts, tough climbs and advanced technical parts. This loop consists of several different segments and when you are back on top you have logged almost 110 meters of altitude! How many laps can you handle?

Segment in the Farmer Uprising:

The Dachshund - It is said that Nils Dachke's two legs were punctured at the battle outside Virserum. Here you are up for the family back and maybe you get a sense of how Dackes legs felt.

Dackes escape - Technical cycling among roots and stones that takes you past the Dacke Cave, Do you pass this segment without putting your feet down?

Galgbacken - Serpentine in the counterflow that ends with a difficult technical rock area, can you keep up speed ?!

Prolympath, Blue 1,2 km

A slightly nicer but fun trail that offers entertaining trail cycling for everyone. Located a short distance from the cycle area Dackestupet, but you cycle easily back and forth from the area. From here you also have close proximity to Virserum's society if the vacuum sucks get too big.

Read more about biking in http://bikingsoutheast.se/


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