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  • Large spider web in reeds in front of Stora Åkesbosjön

Great Åkebosjön

Stora Åkebosjön is located about 6 km west of Hultsfred and you will find it if you drive from road 34 through Hammarsebo towards Stora Hammarsjön. The lake

  • Snowy toboggan run in residential area


In the neighborhoods "Slätten" in central Hultsfred, you will find a small and just right hill. There is also a barbecue area and lighting.

  • A playground

Silverdalen's playground

Silverdalen's playground - a place for play and mischief! Tools and attractions Swings Combi play Sandbox Barbecue area Picnic table (accessibility adapted)

  • Climbing frame with slide

Mörlunda's playground

Play around in Mörlunda's playground - here are exciting things to discover! Tools and attractions Climbing frame Climbing game for small children Swings

  • A playground


The food has been rebuilt with inspiration from nature with wood and forest as the theme and has been equipped with new green areas, new safer lighting, activity areas as simpler

Virserum's bathhouse

Virserum's bathhouse is a small bathing facility with a heated pool measuring 12,5 x 6 meters. The pool has a depth from 0,9 to 1,5 meters. 6

  • Group of people cycling

Dacke Klimattrampet

The roof trample winds its way on small roads with little traffic. If you choose to cycle the entire distance, you can look forward to 17 km with varying nature and

  • Interior table yarn j 1

Hässlid Form Design Shop

The store is adjacent to Hotel Dacke in Virserum. Local and regional products. Crafts, crafts, shape and design. Wood, textiles, ceramics, wool, glass and much more

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The loom

The loom is located next to the parking lot in the area. It is one of Sweden's largest looms. The loom in Virserum has been around for 23 years. In two floors are available

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In the Company area there is a very nice herb garden with about 150 different herbs, summer flowers and perennials.

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Mörlunda Loppis

A little far away not far from Mörlunda church is a barn filled with lots of gadgets. Here you will find household utensils, furniture, antiques, books and more. You

  • ALEX5809 scaled

Koping park

The park in Hultsfred is in the spirit of music, where students from Lindblomskolan have drawn drawings as suggestions for what they wanted it to look like. Adjacent to the park there are boules courts and nice green areas.

  • DSC0016 scaled

The Lasse-Mayan cave

Lasse-Maja Cave or Stora Lassa Kammare has an exciting story to tell. In this cave, the people in Klövdala village sought refuge from the Danes in 1612. According to

  • Explore trip in Eksjö, Hultsfred and Vimmerby

Take a Discovery Tour!

As a fairy tale, the rolling landscape spreads out over northern Småland. Dense pine forest is interspersed with stately fir trees and glittering lakes and breathtaking views. See the locations

  • Mimerparken 4000X3000 scaled

Hagadal park

Hagadalsparken has during the last year received a significant lift and is now both more accessible and safe than before. A pond with an artificial

  • geertjan plooijer1

Geertjan Plooijer

Photography and old photographic techniques Geertjan Plooijer professional photographer / artist. He comes from northern Friesland in the Netherlands but lives and works in Mörlunda. He

  • Couple sitting on rock cliff overlooking forest


Björnnässlingan is a real magic forest with old pines that stand around boulders that are covered with lichens. Björnnäset's nature reserve is located on

  • Artist Steve Balk

Steve's studio

On a small hill, with beautiful views, in the village of Talleryd outside Vena lies the farm Nybble. In the fine Lillstugan, creativity flows in Steve Balk's artist studio.

  • Artist Lena Loiske

Artist Lena Loiske

Born 1950. Educated social worker. Started painting seriously during a couple of years living in Tanzania (1995-1997). Painting mainly in acrylic. Everything from landscape to clean

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stone trail

In Järnforsen there is a whole network of fantastic hiking trails, all starting right outside the community. At the start there is

  • Narrow track100years 036 scaled

Narrow-gauge Virserum-Åseda

Experience the feeling of riding the classic orange-yellow rail buses that breathe 50s between Virserum and Åseda. Enjoy the nostalgia environments and have a coffee with seven

  • HultsfredsHembygdspark93 scaled

Hultsfred's hometown park

In a beautiful park on Lake Hulingen lies Hultsfred's hometown park. Right next door is the People's Park, sports facility and camping. After the sinking of Lake Hulingen in 1924 there were

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Målilla-Gårdveda home park

Målilla Gårdveda Hembygdspark is one of Sweden's largest and most active homebuilding parks. Here activities take place all year round and the park is constantly expanded with new attractions. IN

  • Högeruda hbg exterior 2

Right-hand home town

The farm, which dates from the 1600th century, was donated to Järeda municipality in 1937 for the return to the clothes of poor school children. On the second floor is an old school museum.

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Home Sweet Hultsfred

Home Sweet Hultsfred - an association, a festival The exhibition tells the story of the Rockparty Association and the Hultsfred Festival. The exhibition is in the Klubben-room in the basement of Valhall i

  • IMG 3902 scaled

Hultsfred - The Walk

The story of Sweden's most legendary music festival! Stories, photos and movie clips from the music archive The Swedish Rock Archives have now been transformed into a physical walking trail on classic festival grounds along

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