Craving a dip in the lake? Around our municipality, there are many wonderful bathing places to choose from. Sand between the toes or soft grass - here a cooling dip is never far away. If you and the children prefer a 27-degree indoor pool, then Hagadal's indoor swimming pool is well worth a visit!

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Virserum's bathhouse

Virserum's bathhouse is a small bathing facility with a heated pool measuring 12,5 x 6 meters. The pool has a depth from 0,9 to 1,5 meters.

  • Hesjöns swimming area

Hesjöns swimming area

Welcome to Hesjön's bathing spot! There is an outdoor toilet, disabled toilet, changing room. Barbecue area, swimming area with jetties and jumping tower and beach volleyball court. From the car park there is a customizable road down

  • Ängahultsbadet


Ängahultsbadet is a bathing place in Silverdalen Accessibility and attractions changing rooms Jetty Volleyball court Toilet

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Lillesjön's bathing area

Favorite with families with children. The bathing area has a jetty, barbecue area, outhouse, Accessibility and attractions Swings Volleyball court Jetty WC Barbecue area

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Hagadal swimming and sports hall

Hagadal swimming and sports hall offers swimming, exercise, massage or socializing with friends and having a coffee. The resort is close to nature with nice exercise trails.

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The swimming pond

The swimming pond is a small bathing place in the middle of Järnforsen, about 150 m from the gas station. The bathing area has a jetty. This is a municipal bathing area and

  • coffee Mountain

coffee Mountain

Kaffeberget is located in a central location in southern Virserum. The bathing area is hilly with sand and grass. There are two jetties, changing rooms, swings and

  • Verbadet


About six kilometers southeast of Vena is this nice swimming area with nice green areas for activities. There are also changing rooms, barbecue area, drydass, swings and

  • Kristineberg bath

Kristineberg bath

Welcome to Kristinebergsbadet, here the children can spin around on the toy "Kalle kula". Popular and well-visited bathing place among families with small children as it is shallow. Here

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Great Hammar Lake

Popular bathing area included in an outdoor area. Here you go with older children who can swim. The lake quickly becomes deep and it takes a while

  • Linden's bathing area

Linden's bathing area

Popular bathing, fishing and boating lake. The road to the bath winds forward. Linden is a slightly colder lake which in its places is very

  • The hollow bathing area

The hollow bathing area

Hulingen's bathing place is located in Hultsfred, in the northern part of Hulingen. Next to the bathing area is Camping Hultsfred. Here you can buy simpler ingestion. In the area available

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