A windless fishing day out on the water, the sun's rays warm… surely it's the nice fish? The supply of fishing water is endless and the variation is great in our municipality. Here are perch, pikeperch, pike, carp and tench to name a few. Find your favorite fishing spot and feel the calm spread in your body while you wait for a pacifier!

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Forest lake with good winter fishing. Örsjön is a small rocky forest lake that consists of three narrow parts. The surroundings consist of coniferous forest and the edges are

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The lake with the giant carp. Färgsjön is a good example of how a small forest lake can become an eldorado for sport fishing. In the fall

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deer Lake

A lake with pikeperch fishing of rank. Hjortesjön is located just west of Virserum, close to Virserumssjön with which it is also connected. The lake is poor in nutrients

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Linden is a nutrient-poor large forest lake with clear water and several small islands. Pine forest, porcupine, blueberries and heather dominate around the lake. The lake is deep

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Great Åkebosjön

Stora Åkebosjön is located about 6 km west of Hultsfred and you will find it if you drive from road 34 through Hammarsebo towards Stora Hammarsjön. The lake

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Hulingen is centrally located next to Hultsfred's urban area. The easiest way to find the lake is to drive to Hultsfred's camping, which is signposted from the center. Next to the campsite

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Oppbjärken is a deep forest lake with nutrient-poor and clear water. The lake is located a few kilometers east of Hultsfred, just south of the village of Fallhult. Around

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The mother

The mother is one of four lakes that Virserums SFK leases and leases fishing in. The others are Mistersjö, Lysegöl and Ånglegöl. The club sells

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deep Sea

Djupsjön is a small and deep lake located west of Hultsfred. The lake is part of Stora Hammarsjön's FVO. SFK Kroken looks over the area

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Bysjön is located about 15 km southwest of Hultsfred. Bysjön is one of the lakes that are part of Flatens Fiskevårdsområde in Gårdvedaån's water system. You will find

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Stensjön is a beautiful and peaceful lake located a little far away about 10 km southwest of Hultsfred. It is part of Stora Hammarsjön's FVO

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Stora Hammarsjön

The largest lake in the Great Hammar Lake area - a beautiful lake with a high sport fishing value and great development opportunities. Stora Hammarsjön is a real wilderness lake and is small

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Hesjön is one of about 20 lakes that are part of Stora Hammarsjön's FVO. The area is leased and managed by SFK Kroken in Hultsfred. IN

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Alegöl or Ålegöl, as it says on maps, is a fine rainbow water. Gölen is located about 5 km south of Hultsfred and to

  • Lilla Akebosjon

Lilla Åkebosjön

Lilla Åkebosjön is located north of Stora Åkebosjön in Stora Hammarsjön's FVO and the lakes are connected via a stream. If you go west from

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Välen is located in the middle of Stora Hammarsjön's FVO, about 7 km southwest of Hultsfred. The lake is managed by SFK Kroken, which regularly releases it

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A carp lake with a wilderness character. NOTE: You can only fish in the lake as a member of SFK Kroken. Stockebrogöl is located just east of Stora Hammarsjön,

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Steam beer

Ånglegöl is located between Målilla and Virserum, next to road 23. The lake is one of the good examples of how to create an attractive

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Lysegöl is a round-shaped pond located in the Småland forest landscape. Gölen is located south of Virserum right next to road 23. The water is signposted

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Virserumssjön is a deep and nutrient-poor lake that is adjacent to Virserum's community. The lake and the countryside are beautiful and have a lot to offer tourists around sport fishing,

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Järnsjön is located just west of Järnforsen and is traversed by Emån. The lake is part of Järnforsen's FVO. It is a shallow small lake and the surroundings

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Melsjön is a small shallow lake and the water is an extension of Gårdvedaån. It is located north of Lake Flaten west of Målilla and

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Flaten is a popular sport fishing lake, not least by foreign sport fishing tourists. It is located about 15 km southwest of Hultsfred next to the road between Målilla and

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Skiren is a small and shallow lake that is part of Flatens FVO and Gårdvedaån's water system. Flatens FVO includes the lakes Garpen, Skiren, Övre Vrången,

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Övre Vrången

Övre Vrången is part of Flatens Fiskevårdsområde. The lake is located northeast of Virserum. It is a forest lake with sparse vegetation except deep inside them

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The nutmeg

Gnötteln is a nutrient-poor clear water lake. As the lake is located in an area of ​​agricultural land, the lake is a bit unusual for the region with the clear water.

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