Indoors or outdoors - Hultsfred offers both relaxing sports activities and fast-paced adventures for the whole family.

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Hultsfreds DiscGolfPark

Disc golf or frisbee golf as it is also called is a sport played with a disc (frisbee). The course is 780 meters long, consists of 9 holes

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Paintball in Lönneberga

Are you craving an adrenaline-filled activity? Try paintball in Lönneberga. Paintball is a great activity for you who like adrenaline and suits everyone

  • Kayak out on the lake in front of green forest


Enjoy calm winds and a quiet moment on the water in beautiful Hulingen. To glide silently over the water surface, stop at a beach edge for a dip

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Hagadals padel

Padel is a racket sport that can be seen as a mix between tennis and squash. It is played on a court with two court halves separated by a net,

  • Bowling

Hultsfred's Bowling Hall

Hultsfred's Bowling Hall has a total of 8 courses adapted for both amusement and racing games. For children there are fences. bumpers to fold up on the sides of the track

  • Hagadal's outdoor gym

Hagadal's outdoor gym

Exercise whenever you want, always available and free to use! In direct connection to Hagadal's swimming and sports hall, there are ten different wooden stations.

  • Målilla bandy court

Målilla bandy court

Ice skating is a popular winter activity! Here you can borrow skates, helmet, ball and club. There are barbecue areas for those who want to grill, do not forget that

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Enjoy calm winds and a quiet moment out on the water in a canoe! A wonderful "local nature experience" to do with friends and family. IN

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