Feel the wings of history! Around the municipality we have beautiful homesteads and homestead parks. How did you live in the past? How did you live? Here you get to experience farms and environments from times gone by where each farm or park tells its story.

  • Hultsfred's hometown park

Hultsfred's hometown park

In a beautiful park on Lake Hulingen lies Hultsfred's hometown park. Right next door is the People's Park, sports facility and camping. After the sinking of Lake Hulingen in 1924 there were

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Målilla-Gårdveda home park

Målilla Gårdveda Hembygdspark is one of Sweden's largest and most active homebuilding parks. Here activities take place all year round and the park is constantly expanded with new attractions. IN

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Virserum's hometown park

Virserum's Hometown Park is a hometown park in Virserum in the municipality of Hultsfred, with about 15 buildings, from the 1600th century to the modern times. The buildings in the area illustrate the location

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Fröreda Storegård

Fröreda Storegård from the 1700th century is one of Kalmar County's architectural monuments. The farm complex with its retained building condition which clearly shows the character of a Småland farming village from the 1700th century

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Lönneberga home town yard

Park in a scenic environment. There is a snus shop, market shop, coffee house and linen sauna and more. Lönneberga Hembygdsgille was founded in 1941. They saved and took care of the old-fashioned

  • Vena hometown farm

Vena hometown farm

Hembygdsgården has a scenic environment with a rippling stream and a waterlily pond. A local community center of great value for Venabygden with several buildings of great value

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