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When you want to know more, a visit to one of our museums or exhibitions can still your curiosity. There is always something new to learn!

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Home Sweet Hultsfred

Home Sweet Hultsfred - an association, a festival The exhibition tells the story of the Rockparty Association and the Hultsfred Festival. The exhibition is in the Klubben-room in the basement of Valhall i

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Virserums Telemuseum

From history straight into the future. The development goes fast, you understand, not least when you can follow the development of the mobile phone from the 1950s until our

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Swedish Rock Archives

The Swedish Rock Archives is a federation and music archive that aims to collect the Swedish popular music history. It is a research base where everyone is interested

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Målilla motor museum

Engines from the early 1900th century can be seen at the museum located in Målilla-Gårdveda local history park. Målilla mechanical workshop was started in 1907 by the Alm family. They have donated their rarities

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The exhibition Rätt & Slätt

Feel the dust from thousands of marching boots on the moor. Look around and feel for how big the plain was. An exhibition about life at Hultsfred's Plains. Imagine

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Ålund Mechanical Workshop

Vekstaden dates from the early years of the 1900th century. Here is the only known copy of the Dunberg-Pettersson engine. The workshop was built in 1905. It then replaced a former forge and workshop

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Hultsfreds-Hus museum

Hultsfred has for a long time been shaped by house manufacture. The Hultsfreds-Hus museum shows models of houses, house catalogs, pictures and drawings. Also what talks about the history of Hultsfreds-Hus.

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