Experience the magical nature of Småland when it is at its most beautiful. Enchanted forests that have been left untouched for generations, shiny lakes and large, moss-covered rocks. All rich in both plants and animals. Did you know that there are as many as 11 nature reserves to visit in our municipality?

  • Alkärrets nature reserve, a nature reserve in Hultsfred

The nature reserve of the Alkär

Alkärret nature reserve is one of our most species-rich forest environments, and is popular with frogs, salamanders and other aquatic plants. Thanks to the good nutritional supply and

  • Knästorp's nature reserve

Knästorp's nature reserve

Knästorps nature reserve is a varied area with several different habitat types such as natural forest-like mixed forest, oak forest, fire-marked pine forest, open pastures and wetlands. Knästorps nature reserve contains the remains of the 1700th century village

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The Lund Nature Reserve

Lund Nature Reserve - a piece of Småland nature at its most beautiful. The nature reserve Lunden is a tall and beautiful pebble sauce. The ridge is one

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Slagdala nature reserve

Slagdala nature reserve, which is part of the Virserum ridge, is considered one of southern Sweden's most powerful ridge formations. When the ice sheet retreated about 10 years ago

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The bird room Ryningen

Ryningen is one of the largest, claimed wetlands in southeastern Sweden. The approximately 300 hectare area is located on the border between Hultsfred and Högsby municipality

  • A bridge to Hulingsryd nature reserve

Hollow Riding Nature Reserve

Hulingsryd is located north of Lake Hulingen and offers shady environment, lush beach forests, dry pine forests, open pastures and moist alcoves. Large parts are today

  • Kraskögle nature reserve

Kraskögle nature reserve

In Kraskögle, the forest has been left untouched for generations. The terrain is a trace of the inland ice melt. Coniferous forests of this type and size are unusual in

  • Green-footed nature reserve

Green-footed nature reserve

The entire area of ​​Grönudde has a natural forest character, that is to say, a rather similar forest. The forest in the area consists of blocky meadow pine forest and old mixed coniferous forest dominated by spruce

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Pebble Nature Reserve

Stensryd is a reserve with natural forest-like forest and bog mosaic. The reserve consists of lean heathland pine forest, open poor marshes, swamp forests and a pine bog. The forest is sparse and has

  • View from Björnnäset's nature reserve

Björnnäsets nature reserve

A real magical forest with old pines standing around boulders, lined with lichens. Björnnäset's nature reserve is located on a nose in Lake Åkebos. The reserve is located

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