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Kungen Restaurang is centrally located in Hultsfred between Tor's plan and Köpingsparken. The King Restaurant offers pizzas, burgers, fish and chips and salads. Unique is that you can choose from four different sauces for all dishes. Garlic sauce, kebab sauce, béarnaise and strong sauce.



5/5 a week ago

After many visits to the restaurant and a number of takeaways, I want to contribute with a good review. I have experienced an outstanding service at every visit and I have nothing to complain about regarding the food or the premises. The staff is so professional that if you have any complaints, you will surely listen to them. Highly recommended.

1/5 2 months ago

Nothing I can recommend, we took entrecote and french fries and it was the strangest smell known from meat. Smelled farm and eggs, almost sulfur. The aftertaste from the meat remained in the mouth for a long time, it tasted like it simply smelled. French fries were very good otherwise and the bear sauce but the meat could not keep my stomach across.

3/5 3 months ago

Everything was as you would expect kebabs, fries and bottoms but the kebab sauce was disappointing. It was not at all like the kebab sauce is here in the area, but only had a mild taste of garlic. However, they use real ham which is a plus.

5/5 3 months ago

My friend and I kindly crave pizza. We chose to eat at the King. I took a four seasons. There was a really good pizza with real ham and fresh mushrooms. A bonus with the King is that you can choose any sauce yourself in the fridge. Strong, garlic, bea and kebab sauce. 🍕👑

5/5 3 months ago

Really good pizzeria undebar atmosphere recommends trying this place #LocalGuide

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