You can be seen and heard in Hultsfred!

Arrange events in Hultsfred municipality. The strong tradition of organizing events has built up a strong network with incredible expertise. It also means short paths to arrange things in different areas that are needed at an event.

Hultsfred is a relatively small municipality, purely in terms of population, but the number of events and arenas to hold events in is very many. For example, every year about 150 music events are arranged, there are many enthusiasts who work according to the motto, it does not work, it works anyway. Are you interested in arranging events or want help developing an existing one? Start by filling in the "starting eleven" with eleven simple questions to answer, which you then send to the Culture and Leisure Administration.

Fill in the "starting eleven"

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theme Music & Culture, Motor and Sports & Health

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Art & Culture Round

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Hotel Hulingen

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