On our website visithultsfred.se we have an event calendar where we present various events around the municipality. Do you want to include your event in the calendar?

All submitted information is processed and may be changed by Hultsfred's Tourist Information before it is published on the website. Events that are published in the event calendar can also be shared on Visit Hultsfred on Facebook and Instagram. We do not take responsibility for incorrect information or changes that have not been notified to Hultsfred's Tourist Information.

Attach a picture for the event

Here you can add an image that is used as a cover image for the event. For best results, the image should be 4: 3, preferably at a resolution of 4000 × 3000 or higher. Valid file types are JPG and PNG. The image must be without text and logo.

You can choose to send with your own picture. Click "select image" and then locate the image in your phone or computer. Keep in mind that you must have permission from the photographer as well as from identifiable people in the image to use it. The image will be used on visithultsfred.se and cropped to fit the format. If you do not send with a picture or if the picture is of poor quality, we will use one of our standard pictures.

Which events will be included on visithultsfred.se?

  • The event must be public and open to the public.
  • It should be an event in addition to the daily activities.
  • It should have a temporary character.
  • It will take place in Hultsfred municipality

Examples of what is not included in the event calendar: 

  • Political gatherings and events of a political nature or with a propaganda agenda.
  • Association meetings or other closed activities.
  • Ordinary activities of shops or other companies.
  • Repeated activities that require booking or membership, such as workouts.