We invite all residents at Hultsfredshemester!


This is Hultsfredshemester!
Tour operators, the municipality and residents together create "Hultsfredshemester".
1000 nights in hotels, hostels, camping and in a cottage for you or to give away to loved ones!

Experience beautiful Hultsfred municipality at home, at your Hultsfred home and shop with ❤️
- have a gofika or a bite to eat at one of the municipality's restaurants and cafés.

Take care of each other and homestead with distance and consideration.

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Compete for over 1000 nights in a hotel,
hostel, camping site
and in the cottage!

All accommodations


Coffee and dinner

Take a gofika or some food.
Support our local
visiting industry under yours

All coffee and dinner


During the period June 1 to December 31, your household can win overnight stays or to give away to loved ones. Competitions can take place at different times at different accommodations.
Contact the property directly to participate in their respective competitions. Your household can take part in competitions at all accommodation, but only win once per accommodation.

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Hotel Hulingen

It is the music that has put Hultsfred on the map and nowhere else in Hultsfred does the music sit as deep in the walls as in Hotel Hulingen. Fall asleep to Metallica, Håkan Hellström or why not Amy Winehouse. Each room is dedicated to a very special artist. Common denominator? They have all played in Hultsfred!

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Palace Hotel

Cozy hotel located near Hultsfred train station. Built in 1946, the hotel has a rich history. Maja Nyblom, 95, ran the hotel alone that she and her husband had taken over in the 50s. Many famous faces have lived with Maja over the years.

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Målilla Hotel

Målilla Hotel is a small hotel close to the Målilla home park, nature and other activities.

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Virserum hostel

Here you live comfortably, close to both Smalspåret, Virserums Konsthall and a number of other activities. A home close to most things.

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Kloster Gård

In the northern part of Hultsfred is Kloster Farm, in the countryside with walking distance to the swimming area, the narrow track and beautiful roaming areas.

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Hultsfred Strandcamping

Live next door to the beach and swimming! The campsite is beautifully situated by Lake Hulingen in Hultsfred. How about an ice cream in the sun, a cooling dip or a ride in the pedal boat on the lake.

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Relax in peaceful countryside, enjoy the silence and discover nature. A cozy accommodation for the whole family.

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Lönneberga hostel

The hostel is located on the outskirts of Emils Lönneberga! Close to nature and experiences.

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FAQQuestions answered

Questions and answers about accommodation

Where can I find accommodation competitions for overnight stays?2020-12-03T10:54:48+01:00

Every resident who participates is responsible for running the competition and promoting it in their channels. Feel free to contact the property directly if you are wondering how to do to compete.  

Can my household participate in more than one overnight stay contest?2020-12-03T10:54:48+01:00

Yes it can your household do, but you can only win once per accommodation. 

I have a relative who lives in another municipality, can they be competing for overnight stays?2021-06-02T12:42:10+02:00

No, solely households in the municipality can compete. households may not be on the other hand give away the overnight stay until nowdear vid profit.  

I don't want to stay in a hotel, can I sell overnight if I win?2021-06-02T12:43:02+02:00

No, but you get give it away to loved ones.  

I am in a risk group and should avoid social contexts. How should I take advantage of this offer?2021-07-22T14:06:12+02:00

Feel free to contact the tourist actors who offer activities and see if it can be solved in a safe way. In addition, the offers are valid for a longer period of time to reduce the risk of congestion. If you were to win an overnight stay at a tourist accommodation, you can donate the overnight stay to a close relative, who can then come and visit without having to stay at someone's home so that you can meet in a safe way. 

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