When there is enough snow, there are many different slopes that are perfect for tobogganing or snow racing. Put on warm clothes, pack your backpack with hot chocolate and go out on the toboggan runs.

  • Snowy toboggan run in residential area


In the neighborhood "Slätten" in central Hultsfred you will find Slättenbacken, a small and just right hill. There is also a barbecue area and lighting.

  • People who go sledding in Lejonbacken


Elongated hill that is quite steep. Here there is a barbecue area and lighting. The hill is easy to reach by car.

  • View of the toboggan run Vattentorsnsbacken

The water tower hill

The water tower slope is located in Järnforsen, it is about 225 meters long with a drop of 30 meters. Lighting is available.

  • View of the toboggan run Hesjöbacken


Hesjöbacken is a fairly steep hill located just outside Målilla by Hesjön. Car parking is available at the beginning of the hill. Lighting and barbecue area available.

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