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Carburetors, crankshafts and pistons far the eye reaches! In the Målilla Motormuseum there are over 100 different motors and speedway bikes to watch. The first engine built by Målilla mechanical workshop in 1907 is still there and still working.

Målilla mechanical workshop started in 1907 by the Alm family. They have donated their rarities to the museum. The factory was one of the first industries in the countryside. The first engine that was built in 1907 is an 8-horsepower kerosene engine with a multi-stroke regulator and is an open-lying engine. It was sold for SEK 600 to Haddarp's mill. It was later bought back and renovated. It is now together with four more of the first manufactured engines in the engine museum.

Here is a sample workshop from 1908 that was also donated by the Alm family. Here, all engines were tested from 6 hp up to 75 hp. The workshop manufactured kerosene, ignition ball, diesel and crude oil engines.

The ignition ball engine was invented in 1890 by the Englishman Herbert Akroyd. In Kalmar County, there were at most about 15 motor factories.

In the motor museum there is, among other things, a Carl Alm 4 hp Ben 2 cyl from 1920, a Tålebo nr 101 3 hp made around the 1920s and a DS 10 10 hp two stroke from 1952. All the engines work!

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4/5 a month ago

Be at Målilla Motordag, if you like motorized things, it's a nice event.

5/5 a year ago

It was fun to visit Målilla again. There were not as many steam engines on display as there usually are. But enough to hear the sound of those who were running. We can only hope that there will be more next year. It was very nice.

5/5 a month ago

Visit the engine day with both stationary and mobile engines, Definitely worth seeing.

5/5 a month ago

It is the perfect place for everyone who likes it to smoke, puff and puff! Swedish machine history !!!

5/5 a month ago

Perfect beyond expectation well executed event

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