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Experience the feeling of riding the classic orange-yellow rail buses that breathe 50s between Virserum and Åseda. Enjoy the nostalgia environments and have a coffee with seven kinds of cakes in the restaurant cart.

At Virserum's station you will find the old nostalgia kiosk "Pressbyrån".

Virserum station house

The station house and the cargo warehouse became building memories in 2005, at the same time as the narrow gauge line between Hultsfred and Virserum. The decision meant that the entire stretch of Västervik-Virserum is now building memory, together with four station and other buildings by the railway.

The station house was built in 1911. The ground floor has a waiting room, expedition and luggage room. Upstairs is a former residence for the stinsen.

The warehouse building was built at the same time as the station house. A major expansion was made in 1936 to respond to an increase in freight traffic, and the magazine in Virserum was the largest along the narrow gauge line. This was caused by the need to be able to store furniture and other joinery products from Virserum's many furniture factories, pending transport to customers. The magazine stands on high stone blocks and has a saddle roof with two-piece clay tile.

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