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The nature reserve of the Alkär
Nyhavn scaled

… ..Here I paint and draw out in reality
wherever I am.

Annika was born and raised in Vagnhärad, Södermanland and almost 30 years ago she moved to Målilla in the municipality of Hultsfred.

She has a studio but preferably paints and she draws out in reality wherever she is. She explores and explores the motifs with watercolor colors, pencils, charcoal or crayons and tries to tell about both the exterior that one can see and experience but also about the inner landscape, the feeling. Natural watercolor pigments, coarse-grained paper and plenty of water together give a vivid and earthy expression that feels right.

In addition to separate exhibitions, Annika has participated in a large number of collection exhibitions, many of which are jury-judged.

She is happy to receive visits to her studio by arrangement. Feel free to contact her before.

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