Skallagrim - Gerts Trädgårdsgalleri

Gert Schuld
The nature reserve of the Alkär
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Experience a 4 square meter garden at Skallagrim - Gerts Trädgårdsgalleri filled with about 000 sculptures in clay, stoneware, porcelain, wood and copper. There is also a small indoor gallery of 100 square meters. Along the garden pond there are sculptures and lots of surprises.

Gert Schuld is a self-taught artist from Germany. Came to Sweden in 1973 and started working with clay. Today he uses various materials such as wood, copper, scrap iron, ceramics and concrete. Gert uses everything that is malleable. Now he has opened up his garden, which is an experience to go in. Here is humor in large doses and the occasional political "thread".



5/5 2 years ago

Incredibly fine works of art. All made with a little forethought.

5/5 a year ago

Very beautiful

4/5 a year ago

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